Delta Zwickey Broadhead 4 Blade Glue On 135gr 3pk

Article number: P-8584
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The Delta broadhead has the widest cutting diameter of any Zwickey broadhead. For those needing a dependable and hard-hitting broadhead that leaves easy-to-follow, short blood trails. The 4-blade model features 3/4" wide non-removable bleeders that are cut right out of the ferrule. Having the bleeder design like this makes them non-removable, but can be sharpened and are very rugged. Special high-carbon Steel construction allows you to get the edges "hair popping sharp" and the triple-thick tip with special heat treating resists curling and blows through bone. The straight edge will have a slightly better penetration advantage over convex edges. No vents for deadly quiet arrow flight. Standard 5° point taper and fits 11/32" and 23/64" arrow shafts. Ferrule is 11/32". Measures 2-9/16" long x 1-3/8" cutting width x 3/4" bleeders. Weighs 135 grains. Sold by the 3-pack only.
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