SCT 3D Trotting Boar Target Black/Grey

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SCT 3D Large Boar Target Heavy Duty Trotting Boar Approx - 570 mm x 1000 mm. Please specify Black or Brindle in “Comment” section when ordering Online. Premium Quality Australian Made 3D Archery Targets by Southern Cross Archery Targets. Featuring IBO Standard scoring. Made from durable self sealing foam. Choose from the Economical LD - Light Duty models suitable for backyard shooting or Traditional Archery, or Competition Quality HD - Heavy Duty models for long lasting, competition standard shooting. HD Recommended for Compound Bow Broadhead shooting. IBO Standard Scoring: X Ring - An 11 point ring circle centered within the Vital 10 ring. 11 ring approximately 25% of the 10 ring. Vital Ring - 10 point ring circle inside the vital area. Vital Area - 8 Point Ring. A Vital area that approximates the heart, lung, and liver area appropriate to the game animal. Made in Australia, Designed by Hunters, for Hunters and Competative 3D Archery Shooting.
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