Skins A400 Women's Long Tights

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The little black dress of your sports wardrobe? Whether you enjoy a casual gym class, do a morning run or have your own training regime, SKINS compression garments, like your runners, are an essential part of your wardrobe. Scientifically proven to make the body perform and recover better, your little black SKINS mean you can work out longer and have less muscle pain the next day. How? We ensure you get correct amount of pressure in all the right places to deliver more oxygen to your muscles whilst our unique fabrics reduce the risk of injury by supporting key muscle groups and allowing unrestricted movement. For maximum recovery benefit you might like to consider our RY400 long tights. They are so comfy you can even wear them to bed after an intense workout to help you wake up with fresh legs the next day. Click here to view the RY400 range. Revolutionary sizing Forget the vagueness of the usual S, M, L fit. From day dot we refused to accept poor fitting garments, so, to provide the best fit in sports compression, we pioneered a sizing system that uses a unique BMI algorithm which takes into account your height and weight (God love those sports scientists!) The ultimate fit Leading the way in compression sizing, we have now developed another compression first our SKINS 400 Series. A range tailored for the ultimate fit, using a unique sizing system that not only takes into account height and weight as before, but now also your body shape. We know that women are all shapes and sizes (our full 3D body scan of hundreds of active women confirmed this!) but our research allowed us to identify 2 body shapes key to giving every woman the perfect fit. Creating what is arguably the best fitting female compression garment in the market: H shaped bodies have little variation in shape from waist to the hip and thigh. Whatever your game, wed like to think we can help you do it better by making you go smarter, not harder.
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