Trek & Travel Liquid Conditioning Shampoo

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Ensure you always arrive fresh, clean and ready to go with the Sea to Summit Trek & Travel Liquid Soaps. Fitting easily into cabin baggage or expedition pack, these liquid soaps will spruce up everything from hair to body to clothes. The made-to-travel, leak-proof bottle is airline friendly and the green tea scented, phosphate-free formula is environmentally friendly and supported by Leave No Trace. Biodegradable – for better dispersion into the environment Liquid Soap – super thick, concentrated (use sparingly), PH Neutral, Phosphate and Paraben Free Bottle – custom designed by Sea to Summit for best shape performance, and IT IS LEAKPROOF. TSA compliant – 89ml/3.0oz is just under legal carry-on size as approved by TSA Range – choice of products to suit the needs of every global traveller! Shampoo with Conditioner; Body Wash; Shaving Cream; Hand Sanitizer; Laundry Wash
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