Outdoor Connection Durarig Tarpaulin

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Outdoor Connection Durarig Tarps have long been recognized as the best available because of their excellent quality, strength and longevity . The attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process and the quality control procedures ensures a superior quality product. Outdoor Connection tarps are technically superior in their materials and construction. The HDPE (high density polyethylene) base cloth and LDPE (low density polyethylene) laminations have had the highest grade UV stabilizing agents added to give you a more UV resistant tarp. The 1000 denier base cloth is heavier and stronger than other tarps available. Welded stainless steel 'D' rings and reinforced patches are used for the very strong attachment points. Laboratory testing by a NATA accredited laboratory shows the DURARIG tarp being 18% to 40% stronger than any of its inferior copies. Having superior and more concentrated UV stabilising compounds tests show that DURARIG fabric as being even stronger after 18 months in the sun than it is new. While many of the superior chemical & physical characteristics of the tarp are not visually apparent in the finished product, the result of these processes is that the Outdoor Connection tarp has been the leading tarp for many years, technically superior, best quality manufactured and best finished. 14x14 Weave, 1000 Denier (Genuine) UV Stabilised for extra long life Ultraviolet UPF rating 50+ maximum protection 0.05mm lamination on both sides Heavier weight Superior strength 12 months warranty on material (pro-rata) Specially manufactured to provide SUPERIOR SHADING qualities Stainless Steel 5m welded "D" ring - impossible to slip out of webbing Can't tear'em welded seams with 4mm rope reinforced hem
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