Niteize Figure 9 Large - Stainless w/ Rope

Article number: P-5675
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Details: The Figure 9 eliminates the hassle and frustration of tying, adjusting and untying knots. High rope tension is easy to achieve and maintain. It is also easy to control the release of high tension without sudden and dangerous unloading. Made of high quality aluminum and available in sizes to fit almost any rope – easy to follow instructions are laser engraved on the surface. Excellent alternative to expensive and complicated cam tensioning devices and stretch cords. Two different attachment methods for a variety of uses: Loop System and Fixed End System. Features: Rope Tightener / Tensioning Tool conveniently packaged with 3 metre section of 5 mm nylon rope Fits Rope Sizes: 5 mm - 2 mm Load Limit: 67.5 kg
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