New Zealand Bowhunter No Season No Limit

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This is the second DVD of the Hooked on Adventure Series with an hour of bowhunting action with over 20 big game killls. Plus there are bowhunting tips and advice from Kevin and Carol Watson. Join Matt Willis, editor of Hooked on Boars magazine and NZ Master Bowhunter as he travels the length of the country bowhunting with family and friends. No matter your level of bowhunting experience there's always something to learn, even if it simply comes from observing animal behaviour. My buddy Matt Wilis has put together New Zealand's first bowhunting DVD and it includes the two elements we try to put into every episode of Bowhunter TV - lots of hunting action plus tips and tactics. The goal is to make you a better, more informed bowhunter, and Matt has done exactly that. Curt Wells - Editor, Bowhunter Magazine & Bowhunter TV host (U.S.A) The bonus footage, Advanced Archery Shoot to Kill - Kevin & Carol Watson discuss tips for bowhunting successfully in NZ conditions and terrain. They also give some basic bow set up tips, including sighting in your bow and tuning it for broadheads plus much more. Run time 75 mins
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