Mathews EHS Enhansed Harmonic Stabilizer Harmonic Stabilizer

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The Harmonic Stabilizer is another exciting new innovation for 2009 from Mathews, Inc. The Harmonic Stabilizer is purposely tuned to be out of phase with the longer riser Reezen bow, and can dampen more than 75% of residual vibration. When placed in the bottom Harmonic Damper hole on the Reezen the Harmonic Stabilizer will give optimum performance. Another Harmonic Stabilizer can be purchased and put in the top damper hole for added weight but little is gained in post residual vibration. One Harmonic Stabilizer will be standard issue on all Reezen and Monster bows and can be purchased as an accessory to retrofit most Mathews bows currently equipped with Harmonic Dampers. Visit your local Mathews retailer to shoot the Mathews Reezen today and feel the Harmonic Stabilizer difference for yourself.
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