Hunter Image Fletching Cover

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100% waterproof and made from rip-stop nylon, this fletching cover doesn't pick up annoying burrs or debris the way cloth fletching covers do. Plus, it's super compact, folding up into a fraction of its size for easy, convenient storage. It's lightweight, so it won't crush your fletching, and it works on all quivers - bow quivers, side quivers, and back quivers. Comes in Woodland camo only. "The Hunter Image Fletching Cover is as simple as a thing can be, which is how all things traditional ought to be. A simple rip-stop camo rain cover that folds flat, is ultra-light, and fits in your hip pocket as conveniently as a pocket handkerchief. It attaches easily, is completely water-proof, and will fit any bow quiver, side or hip quiver, and most over-the-shoulder back quivers. It's simple, it's inexpensive, and it really works." -- G. Fred Asbell
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