Gameface Camo FX APHD

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CamoFX is the industry's first camouflage face coloring system engineered and patented to simultaneously apply a High Definition camouflage pattern quickly, evenly and accurately where needed. Designed by hunters, we understand the frustration of having your neck movement restricted, field of vision reduced, glasses fogged from breathing and the loss of sensitive hearing caused by clothing worn to camouflage the face and neck. Tested and proven in tree stands, ground blinds, duck blinds, etc, CamoFX helps get game in close without the loss of critical hunting alertness and comfort. CamoFX is designed to closely match the colors used by RealTree in the APG HD & AP HD camouflage. Being a member of Team RealTree means that we at CamoFX take our product development as seriously as we take our hunting which is why we offer CamoFX in two separate color schemes to offer uniformity with the RealTree APG and AP camouflage patterns. Hunters of all types will value CamoFX because it provides an invisible feel after application and does not dry and crack like other products which could lead to itching and irritation. The CamoFX patented 3-color applicator easily provides a smooth individually customized camo pattern each and every hunt that doesn't run or smear from perspiration, it's rain resilient and maintains its High Definition until you easily wipe it off. Every hunter will appreciate the CamoFX "Easy Off" process. Simply wipe off CamoFX with a dry cloth or paper towel.
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