The Alpine Challenge DVD

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"The Alpine Challenge" is now available through the online shop (Running time - 76 minutes, Format - Universal). The Himalayan Tahr and the awe inspiring scenery of the Southern Alps is the focus of this first DVD. As well as hunting you will find chapters on Habitat and Behavior, Access, Equipment (specific to hunting in the Southern Alps), Hazards, Trophy Export and a little background on the New Zealand hunting scene. Himalayan Tahr are recognised around the world as a premier game animal and taking one with bow and arrow is a worthy challenge for any mountain hunter. The Southern Alps provide a world class hunting environment that will challenge you both mentally and physically but will also reward you with some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you are ever likely to see. If you are not an experienced mountain hunter it would be a good idea to start east of the main divide where the country is a little easier, the weather a little kinder and the Tahr numbers higher. Filmed entirely on public land hunts with friends and fellow bowhunters there is NO PRIVATE LAND FOOTAGE. ANYONE can access the areas where these animals were filmed. Although focused on bowhunting this DVD should appeal to all hunters and many non-hunters, in fact anyone who appreciates beautiful scenery and wildlife. The focus is on the country, the animals and the other intangibles that make for a memorable hunting experience.
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