A 1 Dozen Custom Carbon Platinum

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Product Description Australian Bowhunters & Target Archers need no longer to search for the ultimate high speed hunting arrow that is so affordable, we can kill dozens of pigs, goats or rabbits and foxes without losing sleep over losing or busting a few arrows. Introducing the Australian Owned, Custom Carbon CST High Speed Hunting Arrows available exclusively from Sioux Archery. Never hold back on taking a shot again! Specifications: 300 Spine. 9.3 Grains Per Inch. 340 Spine. 9 Grains Per Inch. 400 Spine. 8.3 Grains Per Inch. 500 Spine. 7.5 Grains Per Inch. All Custom Carbon CST arrows come fletched with 3 x 2 Inch Bohning Blazer Vanes, the most popular arrow vane on the planet! All arrows come fitted with Bohning Blazer Nocks. Inserts Included. If you require these arrows cut to length, please advise BARE CARBON SHAFT length in millimetres in the comments section of your Shopping Cart. Arrows are cut to length FREE OF CHARGE!
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