Stanislawski Element Trio Release Medium

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Copper John Element Trio Release Medium. Introducing the all new STAN® Element release aid; a pull through release aid that will take your game to the next level the moment you set your hands on it. Pull through release aids are not new and have been around for decades. In the past, products in this category have been very inconsistent in terms of how much weight they require to fire or they were just plain uncomfortable. Historically, the use of incorrect leverage on the sears made pull through releases very sensitive to hand orientation and other user variables. Our engineers at STAN® crafted countless prototypes before settling in on precise geometries that blend crisp, smooth function with exceptional user tolerance. The result was STAN’s proprietary SMOKIN’ X sears. Sears are important, after all, they are what makes a release function. But sears alone are nothing unless they are packaged in a comfortable, forgiving handle that can be fine tuned to fit your hand perfectly. The Element employs STAN’s® proprietary ErgoFit Technology and MPT2 knob system; the result is a handle that melts like butter in your hand!
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