Carbon Express Predator II. 1Doz - P-7446

Article number: P-7449
The Predator II is designed to offer outstanding strength, durability and high-powered performance for the hunter searching for performance and affordability in a lightweight arrow. The Predator II is a rugged carbon composite arrow certain to deliver impressive results. Predator II (2040 and 3050) series is perfect for light poundage bows with two spine offerings to fit 20-40 lb. bows and 30-50 lb. bows. Optimal sizes and weighting for young or beginner shooters. Matched Set – All Predator series 6- and 12-pack sets are sorted and matched by weight for best-in-class consistency. Weight sorting tolerance is +/- 3.0 grains. Real Straightness – Every Predator series shaft is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Predator shafts are checked to a straightness of +/- 0.006" as a maximum measurement, not an average. LAUNCHPAD™ Precision Nocks come standard on all Predator II arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot. Specifications: Model 700. Grs/Inch 6.3. Spine 0.700". Diameter 0.250". Model 800. Grs/Inch 7.5. Spine 0.800". Diameter 0.254". Model 2040. Grs/Inch 7.7. Spine 0.598". Diameter 0.280". Model 3050. Grs/Inch 8.3. Spine 0.505". Diameter 0.283". Model 4560. Grs/Inch 8.8. Spine 0.403". Diameter 0.293". Model 6075. Grs/Inch 9.7. Spine 0.344". Diameter 0.298". Need shafts cut to length? No problem and it's free! Includes nocks and inserts. Please advise BARE SHAFT ONLY length in mm. in comments area in shopping cart.
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