Carbon Express Precision Lighted Nock

Article number: P-8209
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Unlike other lighted nocks, LAUNCHPAD are the first illuminated nocks to be built to spec with the ideal combination of LED brightness, battery life and durability. Their ultra-lightweight design (18.5 grains) also means no trade-offs – finally high-end performance is possible with an illuminated nock. Since the LAUNCHPAD non-lighted nock comes standard on all standard size hunting arrows, the LAUNCHPAD illuminated nock also lets shooters create a precision matched set for practice and hunting. Precise contact points for controlled arrow release. Launchpad Lighted Precision Nocks are only intended to be used with undamaged Carbon Arrows having an internal diamteter of 0.244 in. through 0.246 in. Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight. Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance. Lightest weight and perfectly balanced for superior accuracy. Lightweight design does not reduce arrow front of center (FOC). High visibility LED with long-life battery. Release activated. Each nock is manufactured to the highest standards and engineered with four-axis straightness within 0.001”. This means that each nock will shoot the same, shot after shot. Only 18.5 grains
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