Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter 1Doz

Article number: P-3279
3 in 1 Arrow: Speed, Accuracy & Penetration. The Mayhem series is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy, and penetration - setting a new standard for all-around Hunting performance. It's like getting 3 arrows in 1. The secret weapon is the K-360 Weave Technology that provides 360 spine consistency and delivers the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration. The Mayhem Hunter also features our exclusive Carbon Express Built-in Weight Forward technology for superior down-range accuracy with a broadhead. Features: Innovative Built-in Weight Forward Technology - Superior down range accuracy with a broadhead Patented BuffTuff Plus K-360 Woven Construction - Excellent strength and spine consistency for complete performance BuffTuff - World's toughest carbon arrow finish in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage pattern Bulldog Nock Collar - unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts Straightness: +.0035" max. Weight Tolerance: +1.0 grain Spine Selection Tolerance: +.0025" Specifications: Model 250 Grs/Inch 8.9 Spine 0.418" Diameter 0.300" Model 350 Grs/Inch 9.8 Spine 0.347" Diameter 0.303" Need shafts cut to length? No problem and it's free! Includes nocks and inserts. Please advise BARE SHAFT ONLY length in mm in comments area in shopping cart.
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