Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ

Article number: 50650-Fletched Shafts-150
The Maxima® Blu™ RZ sets a new standard for hunting arrow performance. It combines the same world class, lightweight speed and accuracy of the Maxima Blue Streak Select® with the breakthrough broadhead accuracy of the Maxima RED®. The result: a new, lightweight hunting arrow that shoots broadheads so well that it is a revolution in bowhunting performance. The BLU™ RZ is made with Carbon Express’ proprietary Diamond Weave™ carbon material, and features a hi-tech carbon shaft designed with stiffer ends that isolate the arrow’s flex in the middle of the shaft: the RED ZONE®. Testing shows that the new BLU™ RZ with RED ZONE® technology flies broadheads as well as field points. Specifications: Model 150 Grs/Inch 6.59 Spine 0.502” Diameter 0.286” Model 250 Grs/Inch 7.45 Spine 0.413" Diameter 0.291” Model 350 Grs/Inch 8.45 Spine 0.346” Diameter 0.296” Need shafts cut to length? No problem and it's free! Includes nocks and inserts. Please advise BARE SHAFT ONLY length in mm. in comments area in shopping cart.
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