Carbon Express F-15 Dual Blade Broadhead 125gr. 3Pack.

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Introducing the 125 grain F-15, the newest member of the dual blade broadhead family. For years, hunters seeking the latest advances in arrow technology have turned to Carbon Express. Now, we’re bringing our reputation for breakthrough innovation to broadheads with the F-15 Dual Blade and F-15 Expandable — two remarkable feats of engineering and design that will change the world of hunting. Dual Blades: twice as deadly The F-15 is the only broadhead with dual, side-by-side cutting blades. The two razor-sharp blades give you six cutting edges and create up to a 250% greater wound opening than traditional broadheads. This means significantly greater blood loss, a better blood trail and ultimately, a faster kill. Maximum damage — six cutting edges to create up to a 250% greater wound opening Field point accuracy — aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing enhance precision and greater devastation Bone crushing strength — patented Pressure Injection Mold [PIM] technology uses one-piece 440 stainless steel
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