Carbon Express CXL Pro 1Doz

Article number: P-7181
The CXL™ Pro performs even better than its predecessors. The lightest line-cutting shaft in the Carbon Express® portfolio, its large diameter optimizes a shooter’s ability to cut the line for a higher score. The CXL Pro is available in three sizes to fit all draw weights and meets all IFAA, NAA and FITA standards. Spine-selected for a consistent matched set. Patented Diamond Weave — unparalleled spine consistency BullDog™ nock collar — unrelenting strength and durability for nock-end impacts Spine selection tolerance: ± 0.002" Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains Straightness: ± 0.0025" max. NEW 150 Series - 50% STRONGER - Requires .284" components. Specifications: Model 150 Grs/Inch 6.0 Spine 0.502” Diameter 0.318” Model 250 Grs/Inch 6.47 Spine 0.414” Diameter 0.350” Model 350 Grs/Inch 7.14 Spine 0.354” Diameter 0.353” Need shafts cut to length? No problem and it's free! Includes nocks. Please advise BARE SHAFT ONLY length in mm. in comments area in shopping cart.
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