Bowtech HeartBreaker 50# RH Razzberry

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From day one, we engineered the HeartBreaker specifically for the female archer. This bow is sure to catch your eye, but our primary focus was on undeniable performance, with the Binary® Cam System, rotating modules, and Octane Factory Strings. We have armed women with a bow that flat out dominates any other bow in its class. This bow is built to be as strong as the archers who shoot it. This bow is out to prove that She’s A HeartBreaker in a class all her own. Draw Weight 40, 50, 60 Mass Weight 3.7 Lbs Effective Let Off 65% - 80% Draw Length 22.5" - 27" Axle to Axle 30 1/4 IBO Speed 305 FPS Brace Height 7"
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