Hogs Dogs & Quads 6 DVD

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Join Matty and Bryce on there last 2 days of there Cape York adventure, where they have captured by far some of their best hit ups, as Big Max steam rolls boar after boar, some only minutes apart. Watch the boys suprise some unsuspecting Cape boars as they are tucked away in their little boar caves. The boys also join up with Jason and Simon from All 4 Adventure for a quick hunt and manage to put them onto a couple of good boars. Tahni Cribb and his main dog mandy continue to out do eveyone with the pig numbers and Tahni has managed to capture some unreal footage, with Mandy hitting up on some of the toughest gulf boars. Craig and Bryce keep smashing some tough stinkers in the gulf. You will get an up close look at the boys new rig, a cut down custom suzuki vitara. Watch their thrills and spills as they head bush and nail some big angry gulf boars. This time around the boys have also included a bonus hour long fishing DVD. Join them as they head overseas chasing the fastest fish in the ocean the Sailfish. Matty, Bryce and the boys manage to boat 56 Sailfish in 3 days, with just as many lost. Some of this fishing action can only be described as chaos. Hogs Dogs Quads 6 is jam packed full of cranky boars, awesome hitups and plenty more.
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