Hogs Dogs & Quads 2 DVD

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The Hogs Dogs and Quads boys are back at it chasing some big, nasty, wet season boars up the Top End of Australia with their eager team of hounds. Watch as they manage to get themselves in and out of some tricky situations in the wet. This time round, Bryce heads to the gulf and joins good mate Craig and his team of hounds as they encounter some whopping Gulf boars that will make your mouth water. Dave goes toe to toe with some solid top end boars and his classic battles occur. Horse, Indy, Bo, Max and Ralph are all up to their usual mischief. Packed with gear reviews, amazing scenery and mobs of pigs that will blow your mind, Hogs Dogs and Quads 2 will leave you wanting more. Don't forget - if you're not heading north, you're heading nowhere!
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