Pre-Finished Shafting 1 Doz

Article number: P-3410
If you'd like to make your own custom arrows but don't want to bother with the staining, sealing and cresting, then our 3Rivers Pre-Finished Shafts are for you! We stain them a rich American Walnut, seal them with 3Rivers gasket lacquer, and crest them in our distinct multi-striped pattern. Each shaft is hand spined and we've even tapered the nock ends for you. All you have to do is glue on your choice of feathers and take care of the cutting, tapering, and mounting the points. Of course, we can do that part if you'd like too. They're sold by the dozen. The diameters normally follow the following parameters BUT NOT ALWAYS.30-35 through 35-40 are 5/16" 40-45 through 70-75 are 11/32" (The high and low end sometimes shift to the next size) 75-80 through 80+ are 23/64" Note: 11/32" points and nocks will work on 23/64" arrows.
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