Masters of the Barebow Vol 4. DVD

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Learn the "Mental Side of the Shot" in Masters of the Barebow Vol. 4. The acclaimed series of shooting DVDs continues with this in-depth examination of the psychology of shooting. College psychology professor, Jay Kidwell, Ph.D., explains how your mind works during the shot, and shares some drills to get your subconscious mind back on track. Archery & firearms instructor and SWAT team leader, Joel Turner, teaches his system of shot psychology developed for dealing with high stress archery shot situations. Rod Jenkins, archery coach and IBO champion, covers shot analysis and offers new thoughts on shot sequence and bow tuning. Successful bowhunter and writer, Denny Sturgis, Jr., explains string bow training and string blur, and their benefit to your shooting consistency and confidence. More than 90 minutes long, with added bonus out-takes section. The popular Masters of the Barebow DVD series continues! Focuses on the psychology of shooting Expert advice and instruction from Jay Kidwell, Ph.D., Joel Turner, Rod Jenkins, and Denny Sturgis, Jr. Approximately 90 minutes with bonus out-takes section
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