Born To The Bow. By Bill Baker.

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Written by the late Bill Baker. 19-01-1956 to 20-08-2007 Born to the Bow is Australian Bowhunting. This work by the late Bill Baker, International Bowhunter, Author and Professional Hunting Guide, represents 30 years of all that is good and great in this sport. Travel and hunt the spooky whitetail in the cold of New Zealand's Stewart Island. Tread the sands of Africa's Kalahari Desert in pursuit of the agile Gemsbok. Do Battle with the mighty boars of Queensland's famous basalt country and lure the cunning red fox of the southern high country. Share bowhunting up close and at its personal best through the eyes and words of Bill Baker. Written in a style that is easy, fun and informative, this is a book that has been long overdue on the Australian bowhunting scene. Bill Baker was and is, all that is great in Australian Bowhunting. Take a look at Born to the Bow we know you will like it. A Big Thank You to Linda and James Baker. There is a limited number left.
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