Bear Arena 30 70Lb RH Shadow

Article number: A5AR20107R
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ONE OF TWO NEW FLAGSHIP BEAR MODELS, you’re looking at the ultra-lightweight hunting bow you’ll be hearing about from 3D ranges to tailgate tire-kicking sessions nationwide. That epic. Built around a 6.5- inch brace height, the Arena 30 puts you exactly on the apex of that sweet nirvana between speed and forgiveness, yet somehow sacrifices neither. Stand and ground blind hunters, note the shorter 30.5-inch axle-to-axle length. Now think about how much easier that’s going to make your life when space is tight and your future materializes 50 yards away. That’s when it really becomes clear: Technology this advanced means the future looks bright and it’s colored red. Blood red. Specifications: SPEED (IBO) 345 FPS WEIGHT 3.8LBS BRACE HEIGHT 6.5" AXLE TO AXLE 30.5" PEAK DRAW WEIGHT 50/60/70Lbs DRAW LENGTH RANGE 25.5" - 30" LET-OFF 75%
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