Ames All Weather Burlap Pillow Target Whitetail Deer

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Each package contains two Ames All-Weather® Targets sewn back-to-back to form one pillow target. Stuff it with plastic sheeting and you've got not only a terrific target, but also a rugged target butt which can stop arrows from heavy weight hunting bows. 1mil. to 4mil. plastic sheeting is available at most hardware stores and works great for stuffing. Recycled plastic sheeting. old plastic tarps, pallet wrapping and plastic bags also make excellent stuffing. The opening for stuffing can be firmly closed by weaving 3 nails (any size works) through both sides of the opening. Easy-Stuff Pillow Targets are great for shooting in the back yard, on club ranges and in hunting camps everywhere! Size: 44" x 40"
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