Mini Boa 4 Arrow Quiver 3R

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Looking for a smaller lighter bowquiver? How about one with an easy-on and easy-off attachment system? Check out our 3Rivers 4-arrow Mini-Boa. It uses the same non-marring, rock solid rubber strap hook-up system that Thunderhorn Quivers are famous for. The hood and gripper sections have been perfectly down-sized to produce a compact, lightweight quiver that fits nearly any bow ever made. The 3Rivers Mini-Boa, with its hand-stitched leather hood and adjustable design is about as close to the perfect all-around traditional bow quiver as we've ever seen. Fits right or left handed bows # Sturdy Thunderhorn Boa strap system # Classic hand-stitched leather hood # Holds up to four arrows # Lightweight # Fits nearly all bows # Easy-on & Easy-off # Fits right or left-handed bows
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