Suppliers of an extensive range of archery equipment, Sioux Archery are the most trusted provider of compound hunting bows in Australia. Archery equipment comes in a number of colours, shapes and sizes, and it is important to get your facts together when choosing an item for purchase – in order to get the most out of your compound bow, it’s important to consider how well your physical specifications match those of your equipment. Read on for more information on our compound bows hunting for sale in Australia.

Compound Bows Hunting for sale in Australia

These modern, mechanical bows are fast becoming one of the most popular types of hunting bow in Australia. A modern instrument that utilizes an advanced levering system of cables and pulleys, these devices are generally shorter and faster than other forms used for target shooting. A complex and modern instrument, there are a number of benefits to using a compound bow:

  • They are generally faster, quieter and lighter than many other forms
  • The cam system allows for greater control over the acceleration of the arrow
  • Enjoy a far greater resistance to changes in temperature and humidity and increased accuracy
  • The horizontal limb configuration functions to reduce the vibration and recoil felt by the shooter when an arrow is released
  • On account of their overall modern geometry, CHBs are more energy efficient than other models

Sioux Archery are the most trusted seller of compound hunting bows in Australia, and provide an extensive range of products to suit any and all specifications. Browse our catalogue, and be sure to get in contact for more information on our catalogue of archery equipment for sale.